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 Maddenholics Nation Info Thread

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PostSubject: Maddenholics Nation Info Thread   Maddenholics Nation Info Thread EmptyTue Apr 07, 2009 1:13 pm

What is Maddenholics?

This is a show on the Maddenholics Radio Network. We'll have the latest Maddenholics news, Madden news, Tournament News, and almost any Madden related subject on the net. We'll have guests hosts from many different leagues and sites.

Who are the hosts?

Eddy102293 and MaddenGod15 will be the main hosts. Occasionally we'll have guest hosts as well.

When will Maddenholics Nation take place?

Right now we'll have it each Sunday. Times TBA. You can also keep yourself updated by clicking this RSS feed:

How do I call in?

Option 1: Dial (646) 929-2147 on your phone. You will get charged long distance if you don't live in that area code. You can use skype as a cheaper method of doing this.

Option 2: You will need a microphone that connects to your computer and speakers or headphones (recommended). When the show starts, you'll see a "Click to talk" button. Click on that and then choose what username you want to have. You may be asked to log in with an account. If you don't have one, register really quick. I have not received one email of spam from them. Only reminders of the shows I'm hosting. This method is FREE!

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Maddenholics Nation Info Thread
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